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Change Of Customers For Italian EffiShunters

posted on 19th May 2020 11:54

In addition to locomotives 744 101 - 105 delivered to Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal, the Italian national rail freight operator confirmed option for another five in November 2018.

They were planned to be delivered this year, designated 744 115 - 119, however the customer was unable to take them over as it lost possibility of necessary funding from state, this situation coming already before the coronavirus crisis. It was therefore agreed with CZ LOKO to postpone the deliveries by one year and the manufacturer had to find another customers for the quintet, which already was built or under construction.

Eventually 744 115 and 116 will be taken over by Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana, 744 117 and 119 by Trenitalia TPER and 744 118 by Dinazzano Po (a TPER freight subsidiary). All these are supposed to be sent to Italy by late May or in early June. At about the same time CZ LOKO will despatch first two of four locomotives (744 125 - 128) ordered by Luka Koper.

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