Stadler 2020 (1)

Himmelstreppe Fleet Again Complete

posted on 9th Jul 2020 20:02

The Mariazellerbahn Himmelstreppe fleet is complete again. ET6, the second of the two NÖVOG EMUs that were damaged in the heavy accident on 26 June 2018, has returned from Switzerland. „Stadler has recently completed the extensive repairs on the second train. It was delivered in three parts by truck to the St. Pölten Alpenbahnhof and is now being assembled. The repaired EMU can start operating again at the end of July,“ informed Ludwig Schleritzko, Niederösterreich Mobility Councilor.

The first repaired train, ET5, returned to Mariazellerbahn in June 2019 and was back in service since the beginning of July that year. The assembly and commissioning of the ET6 will also take about three weeks.

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