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TVZ Introduces A New Robotic System For Weld Seam Inspection

posted on 10th Feb 2021 17:27

On 10 February 2020, at Tverskoy vagonostroitelny zavod a presentation of a robotic measuring device for the determination of defects in welded joints based on the operation of a neural network took place. This is one of the areas of work of the competence centre for the development of contactless technologies, created by the 2050-Integrator company within the framework of the TVZ Digital Plant project.

The robotic measuring system is equipped with a laser scanning device and a high-sensitivity video camera. The equipment is designed to control the strength and geometry of the bogie frames of almost the entire line of TVZ carriages and operates continuously.

After the automated scanning of the bogie frame by the robot, the software based on the neural network (developed by 2050-Integrator) comes into operation, which determines in real time the visible defects of the welded seams and the geometry of the product. The results obtained can be verified with a 3D model of the product, determine and indicate the exact location of the defect. Moreover, a photograph of the latter can be attached. The results of automated control are stored in the digital passport of the product.

The complex is designed for detection of defects in welded joints, however for the future the function of measuring the weld geometry will be added. At present about 12 to 16 bogie frames pass through the robotic inspection daily. In the future, its productivity will be increased to 20 bogie frames.


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