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A Milestone Class 3ES5K Yermak Soon

posted on 11th Jan 2020 08:25

Like the UL-built Class 2ES6 Sinara locomotives also the family of Class 3ES5K Yermak locomotives built by Novocherkassky elektrovozostroitelny zavod (NEVZ) will soon achieve a significant milestone - in December 2019 NEVZ finished 3ES5K-999. Most of these 25 kV 50 Hz three-section locomotives produced at Novocherkassk since 2007 were delivered to RZD. At present also 3ES5K-1000 and 1001 are at the final assembly stage.

So far in total more than 1,500 Yermaks of Classes 2ES5K (two-section), 3ES5K (three-section) and 4ES5K (four-section) were built.

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