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A Visit To Krefeld And PCW

posted on 24th Apr 2015 06:42

On 20 and 21 April 2015 Siemens organised a press conference prior to the UITP World Congress to be held between 8 and 10 June in Milano. The main themes of the conference were digitalisation, automation and electrification, which are at the heart of Siemens’s business strategy. A new electric bus project was also mentioned, this involving development of a high-power charger concept for use during operation and at depots. Siemens also presented the company's predictive and prescriptive maintenance strategy, which in various instances ensures over 99 % train fleet availability. Part of the programme was a visit to the Krefeld factory. Here guests were invited to see the Desiro City EMUs being built for Thameslink. On the second day a tour to the PCW (Prüf- und Validationcenter Wegberg-Wildenrath) was provided. Here a Thamselink train was provided for a trip round the test circuit. Participants were also given an opportunity to ride one of the Avenio trams which has been built for the no-catenary network in Doha, Qatar. They are fitted with Sitras HES hybrid energy storage system, which combines powerful double-layer capacitors and traction batteries. The first photo shows Thameslink's 700 107 at the Krefeld works, the second and third photos show construction of Class 700 bodyshell sidewalls and a completed bodyshell. The fourth photo was taken on the 21st at the PCW, with 700 101 on the large test circuit. The test programme on the PCW for the Thameslink Desiro City family started in March 2014 and is to be completed in July 2015. Delivery of the first Desiro City to Great Britain is scheduled for August and it is to be handed over in December 2015, with the final, 115th train scheduled for handing over in June 2018. Subsequent photos show a Doha Avenio which was used as a static exhibit, including two interior views. The final photo shows another Doha Avenio on the small test circuit. Clearly visible is that the tram operates without contact to overhead wire. The pantographs are only raised in the tram stops to enable Sitras HES charging. 19 Avenios are on order, the first scheduled to arrive in Doha in June 2015.
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