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Avenio In Passenger Service

posted on 21st Dec 2022 20:42

Shortly before Christmas, VAG Nürnberg starts passenger service with its new tram. On 21 December, the first Avenio, No. 2002, set off on its first journey with passengers on Line 6 at 05.07 h.

Since the first Avenio arrived in Nürnberg at the end of February, it has undergone numerous tests and acceptance proofs. Since the end of June, the first new trams have been running on the VAG network at night and since July also during the day. The spectrum of work ranged from clearance testing and acoustic measurements to repeated brake tests. The drivers also have to be trained.

On 19 November, VAG presented the new vehicle to the public for the first time in the historic St. Peter tram depot and invited people to take tours. The last approval was granted by the technical supervisory authority of the Mittelfranken government on 19 December 2022. Now the Avenio is running with passengers for the first time. Another five vehicles are already in Nürnberg and will follow gradually. VAG has ordered a total of 26 Avenios from Siemens Mobility so far.

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