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AIRSCP Design Praised

posted on 5th Jul 2021 16:13

The National Centre of Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB has won the Red Dot Award in the Design concept category for the AIRSCP double-deck EMU concept, developed as part of the strategic partnership between 2050.LAB and TMH. The jury praised the design quality, innovativeness and strong emotional content of the project. 

AIRSCP is the result of a process of reflection by designers and engineers on the theme of transport of the future. The name of the concept is an acronym for airscape, which translates as panoramic view. It reflects one of the design features of the project - maximum visibility, which is achieved through three components: a panoramic roof, an observation deck above the driver's cab, and large side windows. Maximum visibility is a new experience for passengers of urban transport, an opportunity to turn a traditional trip into a journey, to see their favourite city and suburbs from new, unexpected angles.

Daria Topilskaya, 2050.LAB CEO, said: „When developing it, we wanted the train to be more than just a means of transport; it has to be a source of new and pleasant experiences. So much so that passengers would be tempted to give up personal transport in favour of public transport. AIRSCP is a train with character. The unusual reverse inclination of the driver's cab and the distinctive lights above the crash elements, which attract attention in the dark, create a unique and recognisable image. The train is like an icebreaker, uncompromisingly and vigorously breaking through stereotypes, paving the way for innovation.“

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