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AWT’s Tauruses Readied For Delivery

posted on 22nd Oct 2013 16:16

At the end of August 2013 AWT ordered three of the last four ES64U4s which Siemens still had in store. Prior to being handed over, these locomotives had to be fitted with Mirel VZ ATP, thus transforming them into ES64U4-C versions. This modification means that they have to realise test runs at the VUZ test circuits at Velim and commissioning runs in the end. The first to be ready for this was 183 714, photographed at the test base on 21 October – the first photo shows it in the company of VUZ’s own 740.420 and ČD’s 380.011 (the latter locomotive had recently returned from a session of test runs in Hungary and Slovakia). The second photo shows 183 714 with SNCB Eurosprinters 1861 and 1877. The other two AWT Tauruses, 183.718 and 719, are to be ready for testing soon.
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