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Container Wagons For VTG Rail Russia

posted on 16th Dec 2021 11:17

In November 2021, VTG Rail Russia (OOO VTG), provider of wagon rental services on the Russian market, has signed a contract with RM Rail for the supply of 250 Model 13-1258-01 container wagons. These 120 km/h 40’ platform wagons with a maximum payload of 72 t and a 23.5 t axle-load will be built by RM Rail’s Ruzkhimmash of Ruzayevka (halfway between Nizhny Novgorod and Saratov).

They are designed for transportation of various containers including the ones with gross loading capacity up to 36 t and the tank containers. The containers may be additionally anchored on the platforms in case of adverse weather conditions (gusts of wind exceeding 20 m/s). Tie down devices were specially designed for this purpose. The service life of the wagons is 32 years. 

The order is due to be fulfilled in 2022 with a possible advanced  delivery of some wagons at the end of 2021. VTG Rail Russia plans to use them for the transportation of its own tank containers in the frame of the development strategy of VTG Tanktainer in Russia. 

Earlier Ruzkhimmash has manufactured Model 19-1217 hoppers for cement, Model 15-1200-02 and 15-1209 LPG tanks and oil tanks of different modifications for VTG Rail Russia.  

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