CZ LOKO Plans To Develops A Hydrogen Locomotive

posted on 22nd Nov 2021 11:10

CZ LOKO announced on 22 November 2021 that it has started development of a hydrogen-powered locomotive.

The locomotive project, at present known as the HydrogenShunter 1000, is still in the feasibility study phase, which will determine whether a prototype will be built. The locomotive, with a maximum output of 800 kW, would use hydrogen cells to recharge traction batteries. 

Other eco-friendly projects that CZ LOKO associates with the future include the battery-powered E-Shunter 300 for light shunting, the DualShunter 2000 for operation in both electric and diesel traction, and the plug-in hybrid HybridShunter 1000 for shunting.

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