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DB Freight On Test In Czech Republic

posted on 2nd Feb 2015 12:11

DB locomotives heading freights in the Czech Republic have been a frequent sight for a number of years. However haulage of these trains within the country has in the past only been realised under ČD Cargo’s operating licence. Things may change in the near future, thanks to PKP Cargo taking over the largest Czech open access freight operator AWT. This means that DB Schenker Rail Polska has to be on its guard to maintain its position in the freight service market in Górny Śląsk and surrounding of Ostrava. On 30 January 2015 DB Schenker Rail Polsksa realised a test run involving the haulage of a train of coke by 189 003 from Zdzieszowice to the ArcelorMittal Ostrava steelworks. Within the Czech Republic the train ran under the licence of ARRIVA vlaky, which is also a member of DB group. Here we see the train at Ostrava-Svinov. Under normal circumstances these coke trains are operated throughout by PKP Cargo.
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