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First M Version Class 189s For DB Schenker

posted on 29th Apr 2014 09:25

189 001 is the prototype for the batch of 32 Class 189s, for which DB Schenker placed a contract with Siemens in early 2013 for transformation into version M. This enables operation throughout the whole of central and southeastern Europe, although operation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland was the original stated objective. On 26 April the prototype reached the VUZ’s test centre at Velim for a stay of about five weeks, to undergo testing and fine-tuning of its control system software. This photo shows it at Praha-Uhříněves, having been towed there “dead", incorporated in a METRANS Rail freight. It then continued to Velim under its own power. Since April 2009 DB Schenker has in theory been able to run trains on a limited number of main Czech corridors using ten of its Class 189s with software adjustments, since fitting with the domestic ATP system is not a requirement. However so far it has only used this capability very infrequently, using the 189s only to reach Děčín border station. The 189s transformed to Version M will be fitted with what is known as a 50 Hz filter, which will enable them to work over almost the entire Czech network, thus circumventing the EMC issue.
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