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Dragons At Źmigród

posted on 28th Jun 2018 08:11

In early June 2018 E6ACTa-001, the first of the new Dragon 2 family, was completed at Newag’s Nowy Sącz works. It was then moved to the OETD IK circuit in Źmigród, where between 18 June and 16 July it is being subjected to tests. The first photo, taken on 21 June, shows it together with PKP Cargo’s ET22-2024, 2023, 2021, 2007 and 1087. At Źmigród the Dragon 2 met the original Dragon prototype built in 2009, E6ACT-001, which was recently modified to standardise it with the subsequent batch-built machines, and which had arrived there to start tests on 6 June. The second photo, taken that day, shows E6ACT-001 together with Koleje Dolnośląskie’s Newag-built Impuls’ EMU 45WE-021, while the third photo, taken on 17 June, shows both generations of prototype Dragons together.
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