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News from DB's ICE-L testing

posted on 26th Jan 2024 07:01

Testing of the Talgo 230 NMUs for DB, which are referred to by the operator as ICE-L (Low Floor), is continuing. Test runs are taking place not only in Germany, but also in Poland and already in Austria (where locomotive 105 019 and several cars were present in the RTA RailTec Arsenal last year). 

In Poland, the OETD IK test track in Źmigród is used, where last year units 01 and 02 were delivered last August. The Taurus 183 500 and Eurorunner 2016 902 locomotives of RailAdventure, which provides traction for ICE-L testing and approval, were used for test runs there. Most recently, however, there was also a DSB-origin locomotive, as these non-powered DB units are also scheduled to come to Copenhagen in the future.

Photos 1 taken on 16 January 2024 are unusual in two respects: firstly, the test rake No. 01 shown here has a total of 21 carriages instead of the standard 17 ones, and secondly, the Class ME diesel locomotive 1532 is coupled at the front of the train (in this case in front of the driving trailer); this class ended in regular service with DSB in December 2021.

Photo 2 is from Austria dated 24 January 2024 and shows test rake No. 02, which is only a 13-car set. The locomotive is RA‘s 183 500, the photo was taken near Niklasdorf (north of Graz). A Class 105 locomotive for DB will appear on the Romanian circuit at Făurei this year as part of the trials.

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