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First HMUs For Berlin-Brandenburg

posted on 27th Jun 2022 14:33

On 24 June 2022, Siemens Mobility announced that it will deliver seven two-car Mireo Plus H trains to Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn (NEB). The contract was signed already in April 2022, however due to its complexity, further coordination was necessary afterwards, which is why it is communicated now. This contract follows a NEB's 2021 order for Mireo BEMUs.

The 160 km/h Mireo Plus H units will have a 1,700 kW of traction power, providing up to 1.1 m/s2 acceleration. They will be used on the Heidekrautbahn (RB27 line) in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region. The fleet is scheduled for delivery in the autumn of 2024, with the start of service in December that year.

The order also includes a ten-year service and spare parts contract (TSSSA) up to 2034. Siemens Mobility will thus ensure the availability of the trains over the entire term of the transport contract. The service not only covers the provision of all necessary maintenance, servicing and repair activities, but their continuous further development and adaptation to the customer-specific use of the trains operating on the Heidekrautbahn.

The use of hydrogen-powered trains on the Heidekrautbahn is part of a scientifically supported joint pilot project funded by the federal government and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. The project is focused on setting up a regional, sustainable hydrogen infrastructure that also includes a hybrid power plant and a tank system. 

All services on the RB27 line are to be carried out exclusively with green - regenerative and regionally produced - energy. By switching from diesel to hydrogen, Heidekrautbahn will reduce its annual CO2 emissions by around three million kg and save 1.1 million liters of diesel.

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