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First Impressions Of EXPO 1520

posted on 12th Sep 2013 00:37

At the 2013 venue, various new locomotives and trains were exhibited. These were (shown in the accompanying photos in the same order) for example: the GT1h-002 turbine locomotive (built by LTZ, part of Sinara), the DPM DMU (built by Metrovagonmash, part of TMH, together with Stadler), the FLIRT DMU 2317 for Elektriraudtee, the two-section electric 2ES5-001 for RZD, the TEM LTH-001 diesel locomotive for LG (built by TMH, CZ LOKO and VLRD), the TE8-003 diesel for Mechel-Trans Vostok and the high speed testing laboratory based on ChS200-008, the 2ESS10-061 3 kV DC Granit together with its 25 kV AC version, and the new wagons of Uralvagonzavod. Another selection of photos show the new EP20-022 hauling three double deck carriages and the EP20-020 running light, the three-section 3TE116U-0001 diesel, the TEM14-0005 shunter, and various older RZD locomotives, including Class ChS2, ChS4T and ChS200 electrics, and suchlike. The final photo in the sequence shows meeting of a Lastochka with the ED4M-0500 EMU.
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