First nOVA Nears Completion

posted on 23rd Mar 2018 13:08

On 22 March 2018 at Stadler Siedlce works was presented a two-car Tango NF2 tram, the first of 30, with an option (now confirmed) for ten more, being built for DPO. The name nOVA was chosen by Ostrava residents. These photos show the exterior of the practically finished tram, which is to be moved to Ostrava in mid-April. The third photo shows the interior, also nearing completion. The seats fitted were of the type requested by DPO, being similar to those found in the operator’s other vehicles. The final photo also shows one of the bodyshells for the second nOVA at the final assembly stage. Also visible in this view is GYSEV’s future FLIRT 3 EMU, 435 509, being assembled.
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