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First Refurbished Czech Pendolino Back In Service

posted on 26th Sep 2017 16:20

The whole Class 680 Czech Pendolino EMU fleet is being subjected to complete interior refurbishment. The first to be returned to service following this was 680.005 on train SC 241 “Pendolino Košičan” from Praha to Košice on 25 September 2017. This one is now used on this and the return eastbound service SC 240. The refurbishment involved the replacement of most interior fittings - seats, wall panelling, carpeting, power sockets, lighting, luggage racks, visual information system. WC cubicles and the bistro area were rejuvenated too. A children’s cinema has also been created. These photos show the refurbished first and second class saloons, and also the bistro area.
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