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Forty-foot wagons from Tatravagónka for Ermewa

posted on 10th Nov 2023 18:16

Last year and this year, Tatravagónka executed an order for 200 four-axle 40' Class Sgmmnss intermodal wagons. Of this number, 79 were produced in 2022 and 121 this year. In June 2023, Ermewa announced the lease of 40 of them to LTG Cargo Polska, the Polish subsidiary of the Lithuanian state-owned freight operator. The wagons are intended to be used on the Kaunas - Duisburg and Kaunas - Slawków trains.

Subsequently, 102 of these wagons were delivered by Ermewa to Mercitalia Logistics, a subsidiary of the Italian State Railways. Already in July, 67 wagons from the first batch could be used in local traffic in Firenze, where they transport gravel from the tunnel construction. Another lessee of the new 40' Ermewa wagons from Tatravagónka is PKP CARGO.

With the 40' wagons, the maximum load weight is spread over four axles over a relatively short length - this means use primarily for heavy containers, which are usually tank containers. Ermewa has ordered a further 100 of these wagons from Tatravagonka for delivery by March 2024.

Ermewa has recently won a contract to lease 400 80-foot wagons to the French company Naviland Cargo from the beginning of 2024, which will make it possible to substantially reduce the backlog of unused newly manufactured (mainly also from Tatravagónka) 60' and 80' container wagons that Ermewa has idled in view of the market situation.

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