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Frecciarossa 1000 Arrives At The Velim Test Centre

posted on 27th Sep 2013 10:38

In the evening of 15 September 2013 ETR 400 01 reached the VUZ test centre at Velim. It is the first of 50 Frecciarossa 1000 high speed trains which Trenitalia ordered from a consortium formed of Bombardier Transportation and AnsaldoBreda. It is expected that the train will make its first test runs towards the end of September, and current plans envisage the train staying at Velim until January 2014. Here we see ETR 400 01 at Horní Dvořitště, having just crossed the border from Austria, earlier on 15 September, being prepared for the final part of its journey. Haulage north to Velim was provided by ČD Cargo's 363.517.
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