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HVAC For TSB Trains In China

posted on 3rd Sep 2021 16:52

In August 2021, Liebherr-Transportation Systems (China) has signed a contract to provide 12 Type MACS 10.0 systems for Chengdu Xinzhu Road & Bridge Machinery Co. Each of the four new three-section TSB (Transport System Bögl) maglev vehicles with a maximum speed of 160 km/h will be equipped with three MACS (Modular Air-Conditioning Systems) units.

The new and improved MACS 10.0 product design by Liebherr offers a high degree of flexibility, integration and modularisation while also maintaining a low weight. The newly developed MACS 10.0 is based on MACS 8.0 - already used in TSB trains. Back in 2020, Liebherr provided MACS 8.0 to Transport System Bögl, which has built two two-section prototypes, one tested in Germany and the second one in China.

MACS 10.0 will be put into batch production after ambitious development and testing, and it will be engineered and produced at Liebherr-Transportation Systems' newest production and engineering site in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province (China), near Shanghai. First delivery is expected for the third quarter of 2021.

We asked TSB about the progress of the tests of the prototype vehicles, the construction of the lines and batch-built trains, but despite urgings we received no reply.

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