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ICE 4 Receives An ETCS Approval In Germany

posted on 5th Nov 2018 15:09

Germany’s Federal Railway Authority (EBA) has approved the ICE 4 for operation with the ETCS in Germany. With this approval, the passenger service using ICE 4s can begin as planned on the Berlin - München VDE 8 high speed line starting on 9 December 2018. The ICE 4s are equipped with an ETCS Level 2 Baseline 3 version for cross-border operation. Approval for the German network also includes the route to Basel-Bad, Switzerland. Deutsche Bahn has ordered a total of 137 ICE 4 trains so far. 100 12- and 13-car EMUs are intended for use in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the remaining 37 seven-car EMUs will operate in Germany and Austria. All ICE 4s will be equipped with on-board ETCS.

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