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InnoTrans 2022 (26)

posted on 5th Dec 2022 10:39

AMiT has introduced a new water-resistant HMI for rail vehicles in a very visual way. Simply told, the reason for its creation was COVID-19, or more precisely the circumstance when, as part of the disinfection of transport vehicles, the control panels were literally being doused with disinfectants, which often led to HMI malfunctions.

However, the broader reason was still the need to address the greater tightness of the HMI due to the high humidity in the working environment. The watertight solution avoids these problems, otherwise the other parameters are identical to the conventional type of on-board computers. 

On the right side of the photo is the TCN (Train Communication Network) component. AMiT is one of its traditional suppliers, both for ČD vehicles (hundreds of RIC carriages) and abroad, e. g. for Škoda ForCity 28T trams to the Turkish city of Konya, for NIM Express double-deck push-pull trains of DB Regio or for various RIC carriages in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

AMiT's most recent contracts include an order for MVB/CAN gateway components for CAF's trams, 51 of which were ordered by Ruhrbahn in Essen in June 2021, and an order from Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) for WTB gateways for around 250 Class WAG-9 electric locomotives and around 40 EMUs of the Indian Railways.

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