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KVSZ Builds New Types Of Wagons For European Market

posted on 14th Jul 2022 09:28

In 2021, KVSZ (Kryukovsky Wagon Building Works), the biggest Ukrainian manufacturer of rolling stock, began the designing program of wagons for European market in conformity with TSI WAG requirements. First two types are the Class Sggrss 80’ and Sggmrss 90’ flat wagons intended for different types of containers and swap bodies. 

Mid-2022 the two prototypes of the 80’ wagons have been passed successfully through the homologation tests already, and the tests reports and other documents were provided to NoBo in order to prove the TSI WAG and TSI NOISE conformity. For homologation is responsible VUD Slovakia. Next step is the type approval process at ERA and operation acceptation over the European network. Start of the batch production is planned for first quarter of 2023.

The Class Sggrss 80’ wagons have a length over buffers of 26,390 mm, height of the loading deck above TOR of 1,155 mm, tare weight of 27 t, maximum payload of 108 t at a maximum speed 100 km/h and 93 t at 120 km/h. 

The prototypes of 90’ wagons will be ready for start of homologation tests in third quarter of 2022 with finishing the whole process in 2023. For contracts KVSZ is negotiating with various European operators and leasing companies at present. Moreover, KVSZ has plans for designing of specific wagons on demand of EU market and is ready to take corresponding orders from European customers. 

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