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Liebherr HVAC For Coaches In Bangladesh And Tanzania

posted on 21st May 2021 12:04

Liebherr-Transportation Systems (China) has been selected by the Korean locomotive and railway car builder Sung Shin Rolling Stock Technology (RST) to deliver 260 heating-, ventilation- and air conditioning units for vehicles to be operated in Bangladesh and Tanzania. It is the first order for Liebherr-Transportation Systems (China) from a non-Chinese customer, which marks a historic milestone for the company that had just opened in 2020.   

The train manufacturer based in Haman-gun Gyeongsangnam-do (in the south of Republic of Korea), ordered HVAC systems for 71 passenger cars that will be operated in Bangladesh and for 59 passenger cars in Tanzania. Two HVAC units are to be installed in each vehicle.

The HVAC systems will be designed, manufactured, tested and serviced by Liebherr Transportation Systems (China). As part of the First Article Inspection phase, the units will undergo various test procedures, for example testing in the state-of-the-art climate test chamber. 

Moreover, Liebherr will support Sung Shin RST with a dedicated test set up in Pinghu for the duct system of the cars. The test bench simulates the length of a vehicle, its height, and combines the foreseen duct system with the performance of the HVAC unit in order to support the customer to optimize the duct system if necessary.

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