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Modernised Kintetsu Railway's Class 20000 RAKU Luxury EMU

posted on 1st Sep 2020 12:45

A private railway Kintetsu, operating passenger services on its 501 km long network serving Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya and some other locations, the largest one in Japan after JR, introduced its refurbished Class 20000 EMU. The sole train in the Kintetsu's fleet was built by Kinki Sharyo in 1990 to serve excursion services operated on 1,435 mm gauge part of the Kintetsu network. Now it is ready to offer more comfort.

The four-car EMU consists of two motorised intermediate cars, both with each axle powered by a 180 kW traction motor, giving a total power of 1,440 kW, and of two end driving trailers. The train is operated under the 1,500 V DC catenary and its maximum speed is 120 km/h, its length 83,360 mm over coupling and its tare weight 186 t, offering capacity for 164 passengers. The cars have unusual high floors, the end cars are partly double-deck, where on the lower deck there are special "room-like" places accessible only without shoes. The end cars also offers an excellent panoramic view including view to the front through glass wall behind the driver.

A new name for this train is RAKU, which means pleasure or comfort in Japanese. The Japanese character of this word (楽) is also used as a symbolic brand, seen both outside on the sidewalls and in the interior. The name is also used as an abbreviation of the "Romantic Journey, Artistic sophistication, Kind, Unbelievable". The train livery is now lacquer metallic, the interior has received a distinctive design, the seats on each car have different patterns, each seat having a quite large table made of real wood and stylish light on window side.

The first presentation return trip took place on 21 August 2020 between Osaka Uehonmachi and Nagoya. The second presentation is scheduled for 5 September 2020 to the Aoyamacho station in Mie prefecture on the Kintetsu Osaka Line.

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