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ModuBox Bulk

posted on 10th Mar 2024 16:55

This is the name given by VTG to a range of its open, fork-lift-manipulated, high-wall superstructures. Although at first glance one might assume that this is another of the countless versions of the Innofreight system, this is not the case. For the intended business, VTG decided to outsource the manufacture of a superstructure of the same nature directly to Container.

This is a 13' version with a length of 3.962 m, width and height of 2.9 m, a volume of around 30 m³, a tare weight of 2.15 t and a maximum gross weight of 36 t, making the superstructures essentially equivalent to the MonTainer XXM variant of the Innofreight. The Slovenian company Container was previously one of the manufacturers of the equipment for Innofreight, so it has a lot of experience with it. However, Innofreight no longer works with it and uses a newly built plant in Slovenia by InnoDuler, in which it is also a shareholder.

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