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More OVK-Built Container Wagons For Laude Smart Intermodal

posted on 14th Sep 2020 11:31

OVK (UWC) and Laude Smart Intermodal have signed a contract on the development and supply of 1,000 new Model 13-6724 container wagons for use on the Russia-Poland corridor.

The Model 13-6724 is the first container wagon on the 1,520 mm gauge network with a 46 feet loading length and a 80 t payload. A notable feature of the wagons is the ability to transport a wide range of container types, including two non-standard specialised containers of up to 23 feet in length (20-foot containers with an increased body length of 6,058 - 7,010 mm) with a gross weight of up to 40 t. 

The wagons will be fitted with the 25 t axle-load bogies, which use cassette bearings, designed to reduce the frequency of corrective maintenance fourfold compared with standard 23.5 t axle-load bogies. The service life of the 120 km/h wagon is 40 years, it is expected that deliveries will start in spring 2021 and will be finished by the end of that year.

TVSZ has already built two prototypes. A full range of stationary, endurance and performance tests are expected to be carried out by the end of this year, for certification in accordance with the TR TS 001/2011 by the first quarter of 2021.

Taking into account the latest contract, the number of TVSZ-built wagons for Laude Smart Intermodal will rise to 1,841, including 641 Model 13-6851-01 container wagons for operation on the 1,520 mm gauge and 200 Class Sgmmns container wagons for use on the 1,435 mm gauge network.

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