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More OVK Wagons For Laude Smart Intermodal

posted on 17th Dec 2019 18:28

The wagons, ordered in March 2019, are destined for the transportation of heavy containers on the 1,435 mm track gauge network, with delivery expected by mid-2020. It is a follow-on contract because between beginning of 2019 and August 2019 OVK delivered to Laude Smart Intermodal a batch of 400 40’ 1,520 mm gauge container wagons with a 25 t axle load for the transportation of containers weighing up to 40 t (shown in the photo). Half of the purchase price of both the 400 1,520 mm gauge and the 200 1,435 mm gauge wagons will be covered by Polish program of support of intermodal transport (under POiS 2014 - 2020).

The new 1,435 mm gauge 40’ wagons differ from most of the similar types currently available on the European market. They have a reduced tare weight of 15.5 t and a payload of 74.5 t. Other usual wagons have the tare weight of 16 t or more, one exception being the 40' Class Sgmmns wagon offered by Tatravagónka, this weighing 15.2 t. However there is a reason for not building such light wagons, on account of an UIC stated limit of 4 t per axle being normally the lowest allowed. 

The OVK wagons are mounted on the 22.5 t axle-load bogies and fitted with high-strength twist locks to safely transport containers with increased gross weight: two 20’ containers with a 37.25 t gross weight each, a single 40’ standard container with a 40 t gross weight, or a special container with a gross weight of 74.5 t. However such heavy containers are actually used just in special cases, as these can not be handled by standard reloading devices.

Starting in February 2020, the prototypes will begin a series of certification tests at an European testing facility for compliance with TSIs, including strength tests for static load and impact, stationary and dynamic brake tests, noise measurements, and suchlike. Boris Myagkov, Deputy CEO for Commerce and Marketing at OVK, commented: „Developing cooperation with Laude Smart Intermodal in the 1,435 mm track gauge space is an important step towards the implementation of the Group’s export strategy. More and more major international companies now view OVK as a reliable supplier that is able to develop and put into production various types of wagons fulfilling all international standards and client requests.“

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