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More TMH Carriages For KTZ

posted on 27th May 2020 18:37

On 27 May 2020 TVZ sent to Tulpar-Talgo a first batch of 28 subassemblies for the new passenger cars ordered by KTZ.

The term „subassembly“ means the carriages without interior built at Tver, which are to be sent to the Tulpar-Talgo factory in Nur-Sultan for completion, using subassembly interior kits provided by TVZ. These deliveries are executed under an agreement signed in February 2020 between KTZ and TMH for delivery of 100 carriages, of them 92 Model 61-4447 „platskartny“ carriages and eight Model 61-4440 compartment carriages. The first batch sent to Kazakhstan included 28 „platskartny“ cars coupled in two rakes. The next batch is scheduled for delivery to Kazakhstan in June.

This is not the first time that production is being shared between the TVZ and Tulpar-Talgo works. In a similar manner both plants realised since 2019 already two KTZ contracts, which included 63 ad 46 Model 61-4447 and 61-4440 subassemblies, the second batch of 46 ordered in late 2019 and completed by March 2020.  

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