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New Line From Púchov In Slovakia

posted on 17th Sep 2020 07:46

On 17 September 2020, first part of the new double track electrified main line between Púchov, Považská Bystrica and Považská Teplá was put into operation. Within the ŽSR project Modernisation of the Púchov - Žilina line for speeds up to 160 km/h, I. stage - section Púchov (outside) - Považská Teplá" it is the most technically and investment demanding construction in the history of the Slovak infrastructure manager ŽSR.

Shortened, in the future around 16 km long section Púchov - Považská Teplá will be with 10.2 km laid in a completely new route and includes a pair of tunnels (Diel tunnel with a length of 1,082 m and Milochov tunnel with a length of 1,861 m) and a bridge structure with a total length of 1,270 m (flyover over the Nosice dam).

The new stretch of line between Púchov and Považská Bystrica brings faster travel from 17 September: for long-distance services ZSSK reports shortening travel times between Bratislava and Považská Bystrica from 124 min to 120 min, for regional services the savings are around 2.5 min. On the first section of the new line, there is initially only single-track operation and, with regard to the ongoing work, the line speed is temporarily reduced to 60, 80 and 100 km/h.

The maximum 160 km/h speed will be achieved after the completion of the whole stretch of Púchov - Považská Bystrica line and after subsequent tests. This is scheduled to take place at the earliest in December 2021 and will bring further (slight) travel time shortenings.

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