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New Route For LKW Walter’s Semitrailers

posted on 11th Jan 2018 22:10

On 8 January 2018 LKW Walter started up a new rail service for moving its semitrailers. This is its second service linking the Czech Republic and Germany. While the first service links Brno and Rostock, this one links Herne in the Ruhrgebiet with AWT’s terminal at Paskov near Ostrava. AWT and ITL Eisenbahn provide through haulage using their locomotives, AWT using the TRAXXes which it recently hired from Akiem (see here). The first westbound train left Paskov on 8 January, and the first eastbound left Herne on the 10th. This photo was taken on the 11th showing the latter service near Hladké Životice, hauled by 186 351. Four train pair per week will be provided, AWT using Type T3000e articulated wagons hired from NACCO and formed into rakes of 19, resulting in trains with an overall length of 669 m, including the locomotive.
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