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New Škoda Trams For rnv

posted on 9th Oct 2018 15:40

In Mannheim on 8 October 2018 Škoda and rnv (Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr) presented a full-size mock-up of one of the new ForCity Smart trams, of which rnv has ordered at least eighty: 31 three-section, 37 four-section and 12 six-section vehicles. There is also an option clause in the contract for 37 more trams. The first of these 1,000 m vehicles is scheduled to enter service in early 2021. The mock-up is fitted with two designs of seat unit, grab-rails and handles, entrance door and door control buttons. This will enable users of the Mannheim tram network to evaluate and pass comment on various aspects of the design of their future means of transport.
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