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New Vossloh Service Company In Italy

posted on 26th Jul 2021 10:23

On 6 May 2021, the Italian subsidiary Vossloh Rail Services (VRS) Italia was founded. The service business began for Vossloh with the introduction of milling solutions, which paved the way for preventive rail maintenance. Operations with the Flexis system followed, and now the HSG-city is in service on various local lines.

Andrea Bono, VRS Italia’s managing director is looking forward to a promising future: „More and more, our customers are keeping an eye on life cycle costs and availability, and consequently our service business in Italy is developing extremely well. Our aim is to use our all encompassing expertise in rail infrastructure to provide our customers with comprehensive support. By giving customers maximum insight into the interdependencies of track infrastructure, we can offer them tailored maintenance measures thanks to our own fleet of machines and the personnel we have available.“

A recently signed annual contract with an Italian mass transit operator for diagnostic and grinding services is a fitting confirmation of this approach. The status data is analysed and used to present various maintenance scenarios and their costs in a way that allows network operators to easily decide where, when and what kind of machining work is required.

We have asked Vossloh with which urban transit operator the contract was signed, and are awaiting a response.

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