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NIM Express Class 102 Presented

posted on 27th Jun 2016 23:31

On 27 June 2016 at the VUZ test centre Velim, Škoda Transportation officially presented DB Regio's future Emil Zátopek electric locomotive, destined for NIM Express push-pull services. There are now two Class 102s at Velim, and for the presentation 102 002 was used, this machine having been covered in vinyls previously to hide its livery. The vinyls were removed on the 26th. The first photo shows 102 002 making one of the presentation runs for the media invited to the event, speeds of 200 km/h being reached on the large test circuit. Once the event was over 102 002 was moved to a storage track while 102 001 ventured onto the large test circuit, to continue a series of braking tests. The second photo shows this machine passing 102 001, at a speed of 200 km/h (in the background ICE4 9003 is visible). The third and fourth photos also show 102 001 during the braking tests: in the row of DB locomotives in the background TRAXX 187 104 is closest to the camera, the non-electrified track on the right is a branch line to the Velim station.
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