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OVK Wagons For Ivanomorsk TPK

posted on 9th Dec 2020 07:43

In late November 2020, OVK (UWC) and Ivanomorsk TPK of Moskva have signed a contract for the supply of universal flat wagons. They will be delivered in second quarter of 2021 and will be used at GMK Norilsky Nikel (Norilsk Nickel).

The number of wagons in this batch was not revealed. They are of Model 13-6851-04, designed for transporting different kinds of freight, including wheeled and crawler vehicles, heavyweight containers and tank containers, and specialized containers with a gross weight of 40 t. The 120 km/h flat wagons are equipped with a Type T3 draw gear (instead of a T1 in the Model 13-6851 wagons) having an increased energy absorption capacity to ensure safe transportation of detachable containers with hazardous freights.

The wagons are fitted with Model 18-9855 bogies with a 25 t axle-load. They have a 77.5 t payload, a 21.7 t tare weight, their loading length is 40 feet. Length over couplings is 14,620 mm, distance between bogie pivots 9,720 mm and width 3,130 mm. The wagons service life is 40 years.

Ivanomorsk TPK (Torgovo-proizvodstvennaya kompania, Trade and production company), which produces modular power plants, fire-protection system, high voltage equipment and suchlike, also focuses on rolling stock and its spare parts and repairs.  In the past, Ivanomorsk TPK supplied to Norilsky Nikel also other types of OVK-built wagons, these including the Model 15-6913 tank wagons for transport of molten sulfur. It is to note that Norilsky Nikel also uses the NEVZ-built Class 2ES5K Yermak.

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