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PKP IC's EffiShunter Fleet Complete

posted on 8th Mar 2023 08:17

In early January 2023, CZ LOKO completed an order of PKP Intercity for ten EffiShunter 300 two-axle diesel locomotives. While the first six locomotives left the  Česká Třebová works together at the end of October 2022, the remaining four were shipped in pairs. This first pair of SM60-007 and 008 (794.026 and 027) were sent to Gdynia on 24 November 2022. Subsequently, SM60-009 and 010 (794.028 and 029) were dispatched to Wrocław on 29 January 2023. 

In all three cases, the transport to the Polish Chałupki border station was provided by the CZ Logistics (a CZ LOKO subsidiary), and further from the border by PKP IC under its own licence. The more convenient route via Miedzylesie was not used in the latter case due to the absence of drivers with route knowledge on the PKP Intercity side.

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