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Recent OVK Contracts

posted on 6th Jul 2021 11:39

On 3 June 2021, EvroKxim (EuroChem) and OVK (UWC) signed a contract for the supply of 2,000 new generation hopper wagons for mineral fertilizers. The complete batch is scheduled for delivery by June 2022. The Model 19-9835-01 hoppers will be operated within the fleet of NTK (Natsionalna transportnaya kompania, National transportation company), a provider of transport and logistics services to EvroKxim.

The new 120 km/h hoppers will have an increased payload of 76.7 t and a body volume of 101 m3 and will be built at TVSZ. Their use will reduce the energy intensity of rail transport by at least 5 % compared to the earlier wagons. The contract strengthens the long-standing partnership between the two companies. It was signed during the St. Peterburg International Economic Forum (PMEF, Peterburgsky mezhdunarodny ekonomichesky forum).

OVK signed there also more contracts, like:

- with Gruppa Akron (Acron Group) for 500 Model 19-9549-03 hoppers with an increased body volume of 120 m3 and a payload of 76 t. Their delivery is scheduled by the end of first quarter of 2022.

- with RB Grupp for 4,000 Model 13-6903 container wagons with a payload of 74.5 t and a loading length of 80 feet. This follows the contract signed in April 2021 for the delivery of 3,600 container wagons.

- with Uralkali for 100 Model 19-9835-01 mineral hoppers, with delivery scheduled in 2021.

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