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Refurbished Nightjet Coaches

posted on 5th Oct 2021 23:16

On 4 October 2021, ÖBB presented the first of 22 Clas Bbcmvz multifunctional couchette cars, which were rebuilt in the ÖBB Train Tech Wien-Simmering works from the Class Bmz seating cars. The interior was designed to match the non-traction Viaggio Comfort and Viaggio Next Level units.

The 200 km/h coaches have seven four-bed compartments and one wheelchair-accessible compartment with two beds, adjacent to the TSI PRM toilet. There are also three spaces for bicycles and one space for a stroller in each carriage. The other equipment includes free WiFi or electrical and USB sockets at each bed. An electronic access system using NFC (Near Field Communication) cards is used to enter the compartments.

The Class Bbcmvz cars will be classified in the number range 59-91 300 to 321, are intended for night services in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and will initially be incorporated in the Wien - Bregenz service from 12 December 2021. The first two carriages were completed at the end of September, with each one taking approximately four months to rebuild. ÖBB will spend 36 million EUR on the entire project.

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