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SensIQ For Door Sealing Systems

posted on 13th Sep 2021 16:12

Together with its group company Gummi-Welz, HÜBNER has enhanced its product portfolio in the field of elastomer seals for buses and trains. In addition to further developments in material quality and optimisation of profile cross-sections, the production processes have now been adapted so that the new SensIQ product family can be used for a wide variety of protective profiles - with the same high quality for all applications.

SensIQ contact is a central component of the new product family. The safety edge can be integrated into finger protection profiles in vehicle doors. When a person or object comes in contact with the safety contact strip, a switching pulse is generated that causes the door to remain open. The protective profile also provides anti-trap detection even when doors have closed. If a person or object has become caught, the door opens again automatically. This gives optimum protection for people in the boarding area of buses and trains.

Another advantage of SensIQ contact is its easy installation. Flush end moldings in the profiles allow for quick installation and a tighter, more sensitive design for the switching chambers, which makes the product as a whole especially responsive. SensIQ contact is made using EPDM rubber. "This gives it a high level of environmental resistance and there is an optimal balance between the EPDM and silicone rubber in the profiles," points out Martin Breuniger, HÜBNER Business Development Rail & Bus. “At the same time, the product also fulfills the strict fire safety standards EN 45545-2, HL2/HL3 for rail applications as well as the UN-ECE R118 standard for street use.“

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