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Siemens Mobility drives growth through investment at its factory in Cornellà

posted on 24th Jun 2024 15:44

As part of its commitment to growth in Cornellà, Spain, Siemens Mobility is investing in expanding production in various areas. This includes the inauguration of a new gearbox production line and the establishment of a welding competence center for converter cabinets. With these investments, Siemens Mobility is responding to growing market demand and strengthening the company's commitment to excellence across its entire portfolio of essential traction components used by rail vehicle manufacturers worldwide.
"The decision to invest in this new manufacturing line aligns with our vision for the future and our commitment to quality and innovation in the rail sector," said Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility. "This initiative will not only allow us to meet the current demand for gearboxes but will also lay the foundations for future investments aimed at expanding our business to other customers in Europe."

New gearbox production line

This May, the factory launched production of its first rail gearboxes on the new manufacturing line. During the first phase, the new line will focus exclusively on the manufacture of heavy gearboxes, such as for locomotives, starting for those built by Siemens Mobility. The initial production capacity of approximately 500 units per year is expected to increase in the second phase, as production expands to meet demand for gearboxes in the Iberian market.
Installing the new production line required the conversion of a separate manufacturing hall at the Cornellà factory and increasing the company’s workforce. The project is part of the global growth strategy of Siemens Mobility and will further boost local value creation in the Iberian market. Siemens Mobility began establishing a welding competence center for converter cabinets a year ago and it now employs more than 80 experts. Once production is fully ramped up, the company aims to consolidate its position as a leading competence center in the manufacture of converter cabinets.
Close to customers and market

With its state-of-the-art factories and a product portfolio closely aligned with customers and the market, Siemens Mobility manufactures products for its own vehicle business as well as for other rail vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Embracing the motto "As close as possible," Siemens Mobility strongly emphasizes meeting the specific needs of its customers and their markets. This close customer proximity ensures a deep understanding of the core aspects of their business, helping them in effectively integrating efficiency and technology.
Cornellà is an integral part of the network of Siemens Mobility traction components factories spanning ten locations worldwide. Feedback from customers shows they highly appreciate the speed of support and delivery processes, strengthened by collaborations with local partners. These partnerships enable timely implementation and ensure optimal compliance with local content regulations for vehicle production. Siemens Mobility has customized solutions for every vehicle manufacturer.
Siemens Mobility's Cornellà factory

Serving Spain for 114 years and with 320 employees, Siemens Mobility's Cornellà factory is one of the main suppliers of traction motors, converters and converter cabinets for trains and locomotives used in the company’s national and international projects and by other customers. The factory is at the forefront of innovation and technology, particularly in the implementation of Industry 4.0. It prioritizes data security according to ISO 27001 standards and utilizes advanced track & trace systems to ensure transparent and efficient monitoring of products and manufacturing processes.
In line with its commitment to sustainability, the Cornellà factory is proud to be an urban and environmentally friendly facility. It holds ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications, adhering to the highest environmental standards. The joint venture is intending to explore an opportunity with Etihad Rail, the rail customer in UAE as the operator that has announced his plan for starting passenger operation on their network between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and other routes.

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