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Siemens Mobility’s First BEMU Order

posted on 17th Mar 2020 14:16

Landesanstalt Schienenfahrzeuge Baden-Württemberg (SFBW) has ordered 20 Mireo Plus B trains from Siemens Mobility. The 160 km/h two-car regional EMUs with the traction batteries will operate on the Netz 8 Ortenau network comprising around 2 million trainkm annually and serving the Offenburg - Freudenstadt/Hornberg, Offenburg - Bad Griesbach, Offenburg - Achern, Achern - Ottenhöfen and Biberach (Baden) - Oberharmersbach-Riersbach routes.  The operator of this network is to be selected in the near future.

The Mireo Plus B has a range of around 80 km in battery operation under real conditions. The batteries can be charged via the overhead line while operating on electrified sections and by recuperating the train’s braking energy. The battery system will be mounted underfloor and installed in two battery containers. Lithium-ion batteries with a long service life will be used in the system.

This marks the first time that battery-powered trains will be used in Baden-Württemberg. Moreover, for Siemens it is the very first contract for batch-built BEMUs (until now, there were only Desiro ML EMUs ordered with a preparation for installation of battery hybrid technology enabling their use as an emission-free alternative on non-electrified lines).

The new 120-seat Mireo Plus B trains will be built at Krefeld works, delivery is scheduled to be completed by December 2023. The contract also includes maintenance of the BEMUs by the manufacturer for a period of 29.5 years. The KfW IPEX Bank is financing the trains for Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (NVBW). The financing of 77 million EUR has a term of 28 years.

SFBW is the owner of the trains and makes them available to the rail operator for the duration of the transportation contract. SFBW is responsible for the procurement and financing of the Mireo BEMUs for the Netz 8 Ortenau network put out to tender on behalf of the Land Baden-Württemberg. The latter is the owner of both NVBW and SFBW.

NVBW supports the state in its own right as PTA. The company receives concrete orders from the state and is financed by the Land Baden-Württemberg. The NVBW has 100 employees and has different focuses, including the support of the PTA.

SFBW is a financing company for rail vehicles to be used only in Baden-Württemberg. The state guarantees the loans taken out. Each company can work for the other company with a mandate and thus also financing. The SFBW has three employees and works mainly with external experts.

The Network Ortenau model calls for the manufacturer to not only produce and deliver the trains, but also ensure that they are permanently available for service, and also guarantees the train’s energy consumption at fixed prices. Siemens has also determined which sections of lines have to be electrified or how many charging stations have to be built. The costs for electrified sections and charging stations were calculated by an external expert.

The total costs for the charging stations were taken into account in the evaluation of the bids. Financing of the measures is provided by the Land Baden-Württemberg, project management is the responsibility of the NVBW.

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