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Standard-gauge tank wagons for various Ukrainian companies

posted on 14th Nov 2023 13:51

The Bulgarian wagon company Kolowag currently supplies tank wagons for the Ukrainian company Ukrpaletsystem (UPG), and Tatravagónka won the competition for the supply of tank wagons for the state-owned UZ (Ukrzaliznytsia). In both cases, these are standard wagons for the transport of light mineral oils with a volume of 88 m³ and a gauge of 1,435 mm, thus intended for transport for Ukrainian needs in sections outside Ukraine.

The wagons from Kolowag have a home station in Szczecin and are of the same type as the wagon that was exhibited at this year's TRAKO fair. UPG is the operator of a network of gas stations in Ukraine.

Tatravagónka will produce 115 wagons for UZ, with deliveries until the end of this year. To cover production with such an early delivery date, their manufacturing will be divided between two factories. The company Tatravagonka Bratstvo, Subotica, which is a traditional manufacturer of Tatravagónka tank wagons, will build 40 of them for this order, the remaining 75 will be produced directly in Poprad, where the production of tank wagons was resumed because of increased demand, and this order is amongst reasons.

Ukrzaliznytsia has been acquiring 1,435 mm gauge tank wagons since end of last year, when it received the first 40, for shipments from the port of Constanța. These were manufactured by NYMWAG CS and delivered through Polish company Brand Rock, which acted as supplier to UZ.

From January to the end of July this year, UZ transported almost 15,000 tons of oil products with its 1,435 mm gauge cars, which equals to some 10 to 15 trains.

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