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The 200th FLEXITY In Berlin

updated on 2nd Jun 2020 15:00 posted on 20th May 2020 15:20

At night 19/20 May 2020 Bombardier Transportation delivered the 200th FLEXITY Berlin low-floor tram to Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG). 31 more such trams are yet to join Germany’s largest tram network and also the third-largest tram system in the world. 

„For 30 years we’ve had a very good partnership with BVG, which has reached another joint milestone with delivery of the 200th FLEXITY. Since 2008, our modern and innovative FLEXITY trams, which were developed in close cooperation with BVG, have been running on Berlin's rails. Over the years, the FLEXITY fleet has covered 65 million km in total“ said Michael Fohrer, Head of Bombardier Transportation Germany.

Interesting facts: On 5 August 2015, the 100th FLEXITY for BVG arrived in Berlin with tram No. 9040. All 200 FLEXITY Berlin trams coupled together have a length of around 8 km. Around 5,000 t of steel were used in the 200 trams - more than in the Berlin TV tower (3,500 t). 4,800 km of cable have been installed in the trams so far, which corresponds to the route from Berlin to Dubai.

A designation scheme of the FLEXITY Berlin trams is as follows:

- F6E - a „short“ uni-directional tram: 1 vehicle, No. 3001, no more in use, rebuilt in F8E,
- F6Z - a „short“ bi-directional tram: 34 vehicles, Nos. 4001 - 4034,
- F8E - a „long“ uni-directional tram: 40 vehicles, Nos. 8001 - 8040,
- F8Z - a „long“ bi-directional tram: at present 126 vehicles, Nos. 9001 - 9126, more will follow.

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