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Transport Of Ukrainian Clay As The First Work For LTE Italia

posted on 1st Feb 2023 12:15

LTE is starting to enter the transport of Ukrainian grain too, and has been transporting Ukrainian ceramic clay for several months already. In addition, its shipments have now become the first operations of the LTE Italia subsidiary.

They have been underway since around the end of September 2022, on the route to Ravenna, Italy, but until the end of the year InRail provided haulage in Italy, the operators of the LTE group being carriers in Slovakia and Austria, with transhipment between 1,520 and 1,435 mm gauge wagons in Chop, Ukraine. The trains are currently running at a weekly frequency, with the expectation of an increase to two departures per week soon.

Furthermore, in January, these trains became the first performance of the newly established LTE Italia subsidiary - haulage of an empty train from Ravenna to Tarvisio on 14 January 2023 was the premiere. During January too, the reloading on the gauge change was gradually moved from Chop to Premaco's transhipment facility in Maťovce.

In January, LTE also carried out its first test transports of Ukrainian grain, loaded in bags in covered wagons. Weekly frequencies are expected, with destinations in Italy and Germany and the cereals being also loaded in big bags in open box wagons as well as standard hoppers.

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