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TMH's „DNA brand“ Wins Red Dot Design Award 2020

posted on 8th Jul 2020 17:36

Red Dot Design 2020 competition saw TMH’s new „DNA brand“ rolling stock design ranked amongst the winners of the Design Concept discipline. The high quality and innovation of TMH’s approach were highly commended by the judges. Created together with the European Italdesign studio in November 2019, the novel TMH exterior concept is already being implemented into real products.

„2050.LAB“, the Russian national centre for industrial design and innovation, handles all „DNA brand“ adjustments, ensuring the product's compliance with rail transport regulations. This process involves fine-tuning design solutions, searching for new materials, and personnel training.

The award is divided into three disciplines: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design, and Design Concept, with the latter introduced as a standalone category in 2005 to recognise the need to identify and celebrate new design concepts and innovation. In 2020, 4,170 entries from 52 countries were submitted for the Red Dot Design Concept Award.

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