22 More C2 Metro Trains For München

posted on 3rd Jul 2020 12:18

After the first C2 metro train from the first option in 2016 entered service in May, Stadtwerke München (SWM) has also called up the second and final options for 22 six-car metro trains from Siemens. When all are delivered, Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) will operate a total of 67 units C2 is a further development of the Type C1, which has been in operation in München since 2002.

The 80 km/h trains are manufactured by Siemens Mobility in Wien and their bogies are supplied by the company's Graz works. The new 115 m long trains will enter service in 2022 and will operate on the U3 and U6 lines like the other C2s already in use. Operation on other lines is also planned. Including this order, MVG will have a total of 67 trains with 402 cars to Stadtwerke München. This will enable the operator over the next ten years to withdraw all old Type A and B trains and to operate the München metro exclusively with modern trains.

The latest order is based on the proven design of the last generation of C trains, which was developed and further evolved by the internationally renowned Munich vehicle designer Alexander Neumeister. C2 trains are even more spacious, comfortable and powerful than the previous models. The new C2 trains, for example, are distinguished by their front end with new LED lighting technology and the easier visual recognition of opening and closing doors through colored LED lighting strips on the door frames. CCTV, passenger TV and newly designed interior lighting with LEDs provide more comfort and convenience for passengers.

Other advantages include the train’s higher capacity and availability: The passenger compartment’s redesign and new seating concept with wider doors compared to older trains allow more passengers to be transported. Overall, the C2 now offers space for 940 passengers, with wide inter-car gangways.

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