A Railjet In Praha

posted on 18th Apr 2013 11:34

On 17 April 2013 an ÖBB railjet reached Praha for the first time ever. It formed a special working from Wien, being routed via Brno. Shortly after its arrival in the Czech capital the locomotive 1216 229 was baptised "Spirit of Praha" by Birgit Wagner, one of the members of the ÖBB Personenverkehr board, Petr Žaluda, the chairman of the ČD board, and Roman Kokšal, the CEO of Siemens Mobility Czech. The event was realised to promote the proposed joint ÖBB/ČD railjet service which will link Praha, Wien and Graz and which is scheduled to start in December 2014. The final photo shows ÖBB’s visiting railjet, 80-90.716, departing from Praha hl. n. as train SC 513, bound for Ostrava, a service regularly operated by one of ČD’s Class 680 Pendolinos.
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