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A Second Lajkonik With Traction Batteries Arrived

posted on 3rd Feb 2021 15:28

On 3 February 2021, Lajkonik RY832 was brought to the Podgórze tram depot. There would be nothing exceptional about it, because the Kraków inhabitants are already used to regular deliveries of these Tango trams, if not for the fact that it is only the second tram in Kraków with the possibility to run a distance of at least 3 km without electricity supply from the catenary. Following its final technical acceptance, RY832 will start to carry passengers on the regular line.

Out of 110 new Lajkoniks ordered by MPK Kraków, only four will be equipped with this innovative system. However, all other trams will be prepared for retrofitting of the battery system. The first Lajkonik with the latter (RY825) arrived to Kraków in December 2019. It started regular service in June 2020, and the test runs on the non-electrified section began in December 2020.

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