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An Interesting Transport Of New-Built Vehicles

posted on 11th Apr 2020 08:30

A Slovakian freight operator PSŽ was involved in hauling of a convoy consisting of two Class 480 Transmontana locomotives and a WINK, together with several flat wagons loaded with containers. The Softronic-built electric locomotives 480 044 and 045 are destined for Green Cargo and ran from Craiova (where Softronic is located) to Trelleborg.

The WINK on the photo, built at Stadler Siedlce, is the the fourth two-car unit of 18 ordered in November 2017 by Arriva Nederland and it returned from Faurei (where is the AFER test centre) to Siedlce. It is numbered 604, its EVN being 95 84 5051 604-1 NL AN (end car), 95 84 5050 604-2 NL AN (separate PowerPack module) and 95 84 5052 604-0 NL AN (end car).

The WINKs follow the GTW family of EMUs and DMUs, with their characteristic separate PowerPack modules. WINK is the acronym for „Wandelbarer Innovativer Nahverkehrs-Kurzzug“ (Local Service Short Convertible Train). „Wink“ also translates from German to English as „hint“, „indication“ or „sign“. In other words, the WINK indicates one possible future for local trains on lines which do not have heavy patronage levels.

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